Presenting your home for sale

At Tavenier Howard & Co we believe in showing your home off at its very best. It is the first impression of your home through photos online that buyers see first. It is based on these photos that buyers decide whether or not they should view your home. 

We have learnt over the years that the feel of a house can be as important than the architectural layout of a property. And that houses that are well-furnished sell faster and for higher prices than their empty counterparts.

When selling a house, we have one chance to make a positive lasting impression. Furnishings accessories and art are fantastic tools for making that impression.

For this reason, we offer you beautiful accessories, free of charge, and style advice evoking a lifestyle that people will want to buy into.

Better still, we are offering this service to you for FREE! Why? Because we want you, our client, to show your property in its best possible light and to achieve a result to be proud of.

Once you put your home on the market it becomes a product - to compete in your market place we will try to make your 'product' look better than the competition.

The first glimpse people get of your home creates a lasting impression. Buyers can determine in a couple of seconds whether a home appeals to them or not. It is important to create an atmosphere that radiates warmth and emotional appeal so it is attractive to buyers. We will focus on encouraging the buyer to imagine themselves living in your home.

From makeovers to fully furnishing vacant homes, in our capable hands your home will become a showpiece designed specifically to appeal to the greatest number of buyers.

Furnished homes

If your home is already furnished and you would quite simply like to achieve the highest possible price for your house, we are more than happy to help you by providing you with any additional furnishings that will give your house a fresh, contemporary feel.

We can provide an eye-opening look in to the buyers mind. Simply by rearranging furniture, an illusion of space can be created, making rooms appear larger.

When we live daily in our homes we don’t realise that, even though it’s cosy and comfortable, it may not photograph well. You will not believe what we can achieve with a little de-cluttering.

Unfurnished Homes

Typically, people find new developments and vacant properties lacking in warmth and find it hard to make sense floor plans without furniture as a guide. For new developments, show homes or vacant properties we will take care of all the furnishings, art and accessories to inspire buyers.

When furnishing a home we look at the character of the house, the general demographics of buyers and current trends in interior design.


We have a large inventory of accessories and a collection of decorative pieces, transforming a group of rooms into an inviting home that will capture the imagination of the buyer and, therefore, create interest. Our collection of accessories is continually growing, allowing us to keep up with the latest styles and trends, as well as holding classic and timeless pieces.